We love our volunteers and always looking for people to join our volunteer team. There are lots of volunteering opportunities available:

This means people drop donations of clothes, toys etc to you and you collect the donations at your house and bring them to the hub on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis. You specify what days/times you are happy for people to drop off. You will need a bit of space to store the items so they can be quarantined for a few days. You don't necessarily need a car as we could arrange the items to be collected from you instead.


We don't offer to collect donations from individuals so this is if a company such as Asda or Tesco donate brand new items. You would need a car for this.


We now ask for all clothes donations to be sorted into age groups which has reduced a significant amount of the work but the clothes still need to be checked for stains/tears and then put away into boxes at our hub. This role takes place at our hub in Borehamwood. No car necessary, as long as you can get to us in Borehamwood. 


Similar to sorting donations, this takes place at our hub but involved packing the clothes into our clothing care packs. Before a delivery to an organisation you would also collate everything they have requested. No car necessary, as long as you can get to us in Borehamwood. 


This involves delivering all the clothing packs and toys that have been requested to an organisation. Some organisations like foodbanks might request you stay and hand out the donations, others will ask you to just drop off and go. You will know which option it is before you go. You will need a car for this role.



If you would like to become a volunteer, please email volunteers@sebbyscorner.co.uk with your full name, location and the type of roles you are interested in.