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Donate to Local Families in Need in Hertfordshire

Skipping meals so your children can eat. Rationing nappies. Watering down formula. Choosing between heating or eating. These are the some of the realities that the families we support face. Your donation helps us to make sure we can ensure no child goes without the basic essentials many of us take for granted.

£10 could buy a gift for a child who won't receive any presents on their birthday.

£20 could help us to deliver a cot to a family whose baby has been sharing their bed because they have nowhere for him to sleep.

£50 could help us to provide a month's worth of formula to a family who are struggling financially and can't afford to buy it themselves.

£100 could fund a newborn essentials kit for a refugee who has arrived in the country with nothing.

£250 could pay for all the toiletries, clothes and baby equipment a mum who has escaped domestic violence needs to start over.

Thank you so much for your support, we couldn't do without you.

We also have an Amazon wishlist where you can purchase some of our most needed items and they are delivered directly to our hub.

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