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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I refer myself?
    Families cannot self refer, they must be referred by a professional such as a health visitor, teacher, midwife, social worker, family worker, GP or teacher.
  • I am a professional, how do I make a referral?
    You will need to register with us as a referral partner to receive your unique RP and ORG codes that you will need for the referral form. To register, please email with the following information: Full name Job title Employment address Telephone number Manager’s name, email and phone number
  • What is an RP code and an ORG code?
    Your RP code is unique to you and can only be used by you to make a referral. It is linked to your email address so please do not share it with your colleagues. Your ORG code is unique to your organisation so you will have the same code as your colleagues. If your organisation already has an ORG code but you do not have an RP code, please email and we will register you.
  • Why do I need to book a slot to drop off a donation?
    This is because we have families coming in to access our services so you must prebook so that we can ensure there isn't a crossover and our families confidentiality and privacy is maintained. Our hub opening hours vary so we are only open for donations on specific days.
  • I have something to donate but it's not on your list
    Unfortunately, due to lack of space we are only able to accept the items that are listed as accepting on our website.
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