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How to Help Families in Need This Christmas

For many, Christmas is a time for family, fun and festivities. However, for those facing poverty, homelessness or seeking refuge, Christmas is a challenging time. 

From no food on the table to no presents under the tree, not all families get to experience the magic of Christmas. But that’s where you can help.

Whether you can help by donating toys and children's essentials or want to fundraise for a local charity, there are so many ways to bring joy to families this Christmas.

Donate children’s toys

Each year at Sebby’s Corner we organise our very own Christmas Pop Up Shop. This gives parents and carers the opportunity to choose  brand new, free gifts for their child/ren from those that have been donated to us by the public, our communities and corporate partners. 

By donating a brand new toy to our Pop Up Shop, you’ll be making sure that children have a present to wake up to on Christmas day. The more toys we can offer, the more chances parents and carers will have to find something that their child will love. Plus, toys are an essential part of children’s development, giving them a way to learn and develop through play.

So why not pick up an extra gift on your Christmas shopping trip this year? Or why not ask colleagues to each donate a gift? If more of us get involved, more children will get to enjoy a special something.

Fundraise for a local charity

As temperatures drop, so does the comfort for those in need, making the timing of charitable efforts crucial. Winter fundraisers really help to foster a sense of community resilience - something that is needed during more challenging times. Be it holding a festive bake sale, a Christmas quiz, a raffle, a Christmas jumper day or a sponsored sea swim, there are many fantastic ways to fundraise this winter. 

In fact, your fundraising efforts help us make a meaningful impact on the lives of those facing winter's harsh realities. With all your fundraising, we can provide clothes, sustenance, and toiletries for those most vulnerable families in the cold season.

Donate children’s essentials

This winter, extend a helping hand by donating children's essentials to Sebby's Corner. Your contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of young ones facing the challenges of the cold season. From warm clothing to toiletries, toys, and nourishing provisions, Sebby's Corner ensures that children in need receive the care and support necessary for their wellbeing. 

Your generosity becomes a source of comfort, protection and joy, creating a positive impact on their lives during the colder months. So join us in encouraging a community where every child is equipped with the essentials for a brighter, warmer winter. 

Volunteer over the Christmas season 

Or perhaps make some time over the winter to spend the day volunteering at Sebby’s Corner. Our volunteers are absolutely essential in everything that we do, and without them, we cannot create a profound impact on the lives of those in need. 

So whether that's sorting through our donation piles, filling up our referral bags,  or providing a helping hand in various initiatives, your commitment offers a lifeline to those facing poverty, domestic abuse and displacement. 

Together, let's make this winter a season of generosity and warmth for everyone in our community. Volunteer and be the driving force behind positive change this festive season.

Make this Christmas truly special by supporting Sebby's Corner and helping families in need. Whether through donations, volunteering your time, or spreading the word, you can make a tangible difference. Be a part of Sebby's Corner's mission to make this festive season a time of abundance and shared happiness for all.


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